…Долой преступный оккупационный фашистский бандитский путинский режим!


Hydra Onion Market (запрещено бандой «МВД»)

Hydra Onion Market is top russian Darknet market famous among russian speaking users.
Marketplace url: hydraruzzpnew4af.onion
Notes: Biggest Russian Market

So You Want to Make Your Own Gun...

In this video, you’ll see a rather rudimentary device constructed out of two pieces of pipe you can easily find at your local hardware store. It’s called a zip gun or one-shot shotgun and such inventions have been around since modern munitions have existed and are still legal to make in most states.

The .22 Silenced Pistol

The pistol illustrated in this document is designed for use with Sub-Sonic or standard velocity .22 rim-fire ammunition. Do not use high velocity ammunition.

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A 12 Gauge Pistol

Assuming that the reader has engaged in the appropriate level of subservient grovelling, has acquired the licenses, permits and paperwork to legally construct firearms, and is of otherwise sound mind, please observe the following notices.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES place your hand OVER THE BARREL MUZZLE when closing the barrel. If you do, YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR HAND!! The barrel must only be closed with the striker in the HALF COCKED position and by grasping the SIDES OF THE BARREL.

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Building a simple break barrel shotgun from scratch

Here is a classic traditional style break barrel 12 gauge shotgun built entirely from scratch using scrap steel plate and tubing which can be found at any decent hardware store. Using the drawings here as a basis, the builder managed to produce something which functions well and is aesthetically close to a factory made piece. The building process is documented below.

The ‘Zip’ Gun

The Zip, or Pen Gun, as it is sometimes referred to, is perhaps the simplest of all improvised firearms and is usually found in .22 calibre due to the relatively low pressures generated by this small cartridge.
I decided that a need existed for a simple homemade version of this tried and tested ‘’contraption’’ and came up with the following design!
I designed this weapon with the caveat that it should be buildable in one day or less, and I think I have achieved that requirement.

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10 Best Psilocybe Cubensis Strains – For Beginners & Advanced (запрещено бандой «МВД»)

With over 40 psilocybe cubensis strains available, let’s take a look at the most popular cubensis strains used by beginners & advanced psychonauts alike.
The thing to note about the different strains of the psilocybe cubensis is they will all be all in the same ball park when it comes to potency. But do keep in mind that even if you were to grow 2 different batches from the same spores they would both come out with different levels of potency. That’s just the way it is.

One Life in Russia / Nash Gold

This text is an autobiographical sketch of the author's life story, without claiming to be in proper writing style, complete or relevant to someone other than the author. The goal of this story was initially an attempt to understand my own feelings towards my Homeland and compatriots, then somehow crystallize my worldview, and finally explain to others the reasons for my extremely negative attitude towards the Russian nation. The text contains no fiction, only real events happened to the author.

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Тюремные татуировки-аббревиатуры (запрещено ро卐йским «судом»)

Значения уголовных татуировок длительное время было известно только посвященным. Сокращения в разных тюрьмах трактовались по-разному. Аббревиатуры — буквенные нательные знаки, в которых могут быть зашифрованы послания разного рода — клятвы и зароки, признания в вечной любви и верности, жизненные принципы осужденного. А иногда эти слова отражали статус их обладателя среди себе подобных. Такие надписи имеют, как правило, предельно сентиментальный и наивный характер. Как бы завеса тайны скрывает истинную душу заключенного человека.